Nathan’s May 2021 Update

This month God has been convicting me of both the power and necessity of prayer in my life. In addition to the miraculous ways he has been answering our prayers, God has shown me the primacy of prayer that needs to have a greater priority in my day-to-day walk with him.

Studying the book of Ephesians this month, it has been clear that Paul cannot help himself but to pray all throughout the epistle! Not only this, but reflecting on Acts 6:4 and 1 Timothy 2:1 has opened my eyes to how the early church took all matters to a faithful and powerful God in prayer. I have seen how this isn’t a reality in my walk and ministry – so often prayer is relegated to the back seat in my life. I have received a strong rebuke from God on my spiritual diet. Prayer is not a garnish – it is the main course!  

Thank you for your prayers for Tim as we read the gospel of Luke together! God has been extremely gracious to us both – although this month I am not able to share more. Please do keep praying for him, because our powerful God is definitely making an awesome transformation in his heart.  

Another person I have been meeting up to read the bible with is Ryan. He came along to our Christianity Explored course last term and became a Christian. Since then, we’ve caught up weekly to talk, pray and read. Our time together has been both joyful and trying, because Ryan has an intellectual disability. I am learning to read the bible a lot slower than I am used to, and explain things in simple and concrete ways. But what I have been humbled by is the great power of God’s word. Ryan has found great joy in the blessings he has in Christ, and I have seen deep repentance in him when he realises he hasn’t been living God’s way. It has been a wonderful reminder that God’s transforming Spirit lives in us both – achieving the same goal of making us more like Jesus.  

 Dear friends, one other thing I would love prayer for is our church’s youth camp that is coming up at the end of this month. I will be giving four talks on The Torn Identity. Please pray for my preparation and my time away with the youth – that God would be glorified in all that I say and do.   

Grace and peace to you from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

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