Preeti’s February 2023 Update

Highlight College started up again this month! I am very grateful to be able to study God’s word at Youthworks College, and learn how it applies to and how we teach it to kids and youth. This semester I’ll be learning about Christian history, intergenerational ministry and the book of Revelation. I really appreciated beingContinue reading “Preeti’s February 2023 Update”

Nic’s February 2023 Update

Highlights Over the past weeks a majority of my ministry responsibilities have kicked off, and it’s a great joy to be teaching people about God in various formal and informal capacities! One of the ministries I’ve been involved with are ‘Explore’ & ‘Belong’ bible studies, which have been attended by a number of people exploringContinue reading “Nic’s February 2023 Update”

Preeti’s January 2023 Update

Highlight Towards the end of January, I got to start up as an MTS-er at St. John’s. Although moving churches has been stressful, I’ve been getting a hang of things and meeting lots of people! I’m really grateful for the community at church – you guys have been really encouraging and loving! In mid-Jan, Nate,Continue reading “Preeti’s January 2023 Update”

Nic’s January 2023 Update

Hello Gospel partners, These past few weeks have seen me kick off MTS training and ministry, which has been possible because of your generous partnering in prayer and financial support – thank you! During January, before my regular responsibilities at St John’s amped up, I served on a mission team in Singleton – which wasContinue reading “Nic’s January 2023 Update”

Nathan’s November-December Update 2022

Prayer Points: Playtime One of the best things about doing MTS at St John’s is the scope to gospel and minister to people who may be very different to us. As I reflected on these past two years, I recognised that I did not have much experience in relating to young mothers and their children. So inContinue reading “Nathan’s November-December Update 2022”

Victor’s October-December Update 2022

Wrapping up MTS Exiting leaders from Engage 😦 Last 5pm Service! Hi St John’s Family! I can’t believe that nearly two years have already passed since I first started my MTS apprenticeship! God has been extremely kind over this time with many learnings, He has filled my heart with deep gratitude to Him and His people.Continue reading “Victor’s October-December Update 2022”

Nathan’s August-October Update 2022

Prayer Points: The story: MTS Recruit Well here’s the story of how our plans for 2023 unfolded.  Heading into the conference, I was praying hard for God to raise gospel workers for the harvest – particularly to do MTS at St John’s for 2023. Now naturally I was thinking of the young men I was disciplingContinue reading “Nathan’s August-October Update 2022”

Victor’s August/September Update 2022

Hey Partners, hope you’ve been travelling well over the past couple months of August and September! I’ve been praying that God would keep growing each of you in the likeness of His Son in the current circumstances that He’s placed you in. Here’s an update of what’s been happening in Parramatta! Going through Galatians We’veContinue reading “Victor’s August/September Update 2022”