Nathan’s June 2021 Update


As I reflect, I realise that there is so much to give God thanks for. From little comforts to great kindness from others, God has provided for our every need like a loving father. Looking back, it’s been truly an amazing six months. I am so thankful to you – brother or sister, for being watchful over me in prayer, and supporting me financially so that I could be freed up these two years to be trained for lifetime of gospel work. And we’re already a quarter of the way through!

It has been incredibly humbling to have learned so much in such a short space of time. I am very thankful for trainer David, who has been reading through Colossians and Titus with me each week. I’m so glad to have his attentive ear as I share ministry qualms and struggles, his helpful and practical advice, and his occasional push to give things a go. I am also filled with gratitude for the ministry team who all have a part in training the interns. Each and every week I get to learn not just from their teaching, but from their character as well, as I see them face and overcome the different challenges in ministry. St John’s is really a great place to learn and be trained!

It has also been great to celebrate the fruit of ministry. So far this year I have seen four different people become Christians. I have been personally been energised by this as well, watching them leave the kingdom of darkness to receive the gospel with great joy. These six months have really reminded me of God’s mighty power through His word, and why I should be unashamed to share it with others.

Now of course, not all of it has been smooth sailing. I think that early one in my ministry internship, I have tried to do as many different things as possible. While this has been great for a season of time, I am going to focus back on my three main ministry areas – music ministry, growth groups, and men’s ministry. I will admit that my initial approach to ministry was great for my personal growth – but not necessarily for the overall growth of the people of St John’s. Do pray with with me as I look to re-focus my priorities to building teams and growing people.

Lastly, as I am writing this mid-July, Sydney is under lockdown. Thank you for praying for camp Engage. We had a wonderful two days before we received the government mandate to return home on the 26th of June. It has been difficult for me emotionally, having camp cut short, and having to transition to ministry online. So please pray for me as I traverse these following weeks in unchartered territory (for me at least). I will share more in next month’s update, but for now I am content in sharing what a wonderful six months it has been. I will leave the rest to Him.

Soli Deo Gloria

Nathan Xing

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