Susan’s September/October 2021 Update

Ministry Highlight & Reflection
September and October have been interesting as we both joyfully come to the end of a 3 months lockdown, and anxiously begin packing our calendars and meeting face to face again. On a personal front, I really enjoyed meeting people face to face, whether that is gathering up in home as growth groups to read God’s word together, serving our kids at Kids Church or just seeing church family face to face again, as oppose to a Zoom screen.  It has been such a great joy and it reminds me of the passage from 1 Peter 2-4:10 where it paints this great picture of us, as God’s people, building one another up as a church family, together united, with Jesus Christ as our cornerstone. 

Our Thursday 5pm Growth Group meeting together face to face for the first time after the lockdown!

Finally, as we come to the end of October, I had the great opportunity of teaming up with my trainer and evangelist from City Bible Forum, Caroline Spencer.  It was such a joy as we prepare, organise and sharpen our second online Share Jesus training via Zoom. On October 30th, Saturday morning, 15 workers from St John’s and outside of St John’s joined us together to learn how we can be sharing Jesus to our unbelieving work colleagues and friends. On the day, we were extremely thankful for the accessibility of technology and I was particularly encouraged to see people taking the time to join us online on a Saturday morning, especially those that were on holidays at Wollongong and those that were driving to house inspections.

Share Jesus online training #2  

Share Jesus training reflection 

Caroline walked us through her reflection on Colossians 4:5-6 and 1 Peter 3:15-16 coupled with her tips on how we can be sharing something real and wonderful about Jesus and the difference that he makes in our lives. 

As I reflected from the session, I would love to be thinking more about how I can be speaking more about the wonderful truth about Jesus. I would love to be thinking more about the difference that Jesus makes in my life more in my conversations to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ as well as sharing this wonderful truth with my unbelieving friends, family and colleagues.  

Prayer and Praise Points for Susan 

  • Praise God that we are able to meet face to face in fellowship once again in Growth Groups, as a Church family and serving in Kids Church
  • Please pray for wisdom as the ministry team thinks about the plans for worker’s ministry in 2022 
  • Please pray for those that joined the Share Jesus online training that we would take what we’ve learnt and apply it into our lives, pray for wisdom and courage as we speak about the difference that Jesus makes in our lives to encourage one and another and to share it with our unbelieving colleagues, friends and family

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