Victor’s September/October 2021 Update

Feeling Weak

I’ve felt really humbled by God in my weakness over these past couple months by two particular things.

The first one is regarding health where my younger brother Jayden where he was pretty knocked out one morning and struggled to respond to the questions we were asking him. It was definitely a bit of a scare and for the first time in my life I thought I could potentially lose him. We were thankful for the ambulance who assessed him well and that since then God’s recovered him well from a gastro-infection 🙂

My throat also hasn’t been the best (thankfully not due to COVID) and is taking a longer-than-expected time to heal fully. I’d really appreciate some prayer on this end as it’s been making my voice feel pretty tired quite easily. Even with these ‘little’ setbacks, it’s been a good reminder of the fragility of life and that we aren’t in control but that God is. He’s a good God who knows what He’s doing and we can trust Him even when our health/other things fail on us.

Preparing for Mission

It’s been a huge privilege to be able to prepare 6 mission talks for the end of the year for a team at Currarong.

The topic that I’ve chosen is the Character/Attributes of God which has been a topic I’ve been passionate about for a while now. He’s been teaching me a lot of great truths about Himself! So far, I’ve planned on speaking on the Trinity, His aseity (the idea that God doesn’t need anything outside of Himself and that He’s in a league of His own), immutability (is unchanging), justice, love and sovereignty. I’ve found that writing topical talks have been really challenging since there are many places to potentially choose from in the Bible as well as carefully selecting points to preach on. Nevertheless, an awesome opportunity and will really need God’s help in preparation!

Prayer Points

  • Please pray that God would be able to keep helping me prepare the mission talks faithfully and diligently in that it may edify God’s people well!
  • Please pray for the preparations in coming back to church in person and that there would be smooth transitions for all churches/ministries. (I felt like I had gotten into the rhythms of lockdown and now will need to adjust to seeing people again ahahah)
  • Please continue to pray for Pas that God would open up his heart to the gospel. It’s been encouraging that he’s so open to keep reading the Bible and engage in conversation but it’s also so evident how much God is needed to open up his heart.

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