Preeti’s February 2023 Update


College started up again this month! I am very grateful to be able to study God’s word at Youthworks College, and learn how it applies to and how we teach it to kids and youth. This semester I’ll be learning about Christian history, intergenerational ministry and the book of Revelation. I really appreciated being back at a place I’m familiar with and being around people I know, as well as meeting and welcoming the new first years! 

I very excitingly get to be on the student reps team this year as well! This means that I get to help plan and run fun activities at college (if you follow us on facebook you’ll see we already had pancakes!) that help build community at college. I’m really looking forward to this role, especially as I get to catch up with and pray for some of the other students throughout this year.


Something I’m being constantly reminded of at college is: the Bible is not boring, your job is to not make it boring. This means that if I truly believe that the Bible is God’s word, and that it is living and active, and that it really isn’t boring, then I don’t need to add to it. This isn’t to say that I can’t teach it in age-appropriate ways, it means that I can trust God’s word to speak for itself. This is such liberating news! I’m so thankful that our God isn’t passive, but that he actively works in his people, through his Spirit and through his word. 

Another thing I’ve been thinking through is the place of kids and youth in church. Are kids a part of church? If yes, how are we showing this? Is kids church just for babysitting? Whilst I don’t know all the answers, I do know this for certain: Jesus loves children.The Bible tells us that church is absolutely for them too. Kids can have a real, genuine faith in Jesus, even if it’s an immature one, and our job is to nurture and grow that faith so that they can become adults of the faith (who then nurture the next generation)! This is such an amazing privilege we have!

Praise Points:

  • Thank God for Youthworks College: all our lecturers
  • Thank God for his Word, which is living and active

Pray for:

  • Me to be able to manage my time well, balancing studying, working and being at home
  • God would give me wisdom and guidance in studying his word at college 

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