Nathan’s Jan 2021 Update

The interns helping with taking down the Christmas lights in the cathedral. It was serious business!


The highlight for me this month is the sheer joy of being able to devote the majority of my week to learning from God’s word and serving God’s people. A day as a ministry intern has looked like reading Colossians with David (my trainer), preparing materials for growth group leaders, going through Mark’s gospel with a new Christian, and running some training with our one of our music ministry leaders. If I was still occupied with a full-time job, it would have been an effort to even fit one of these things in my weekly schedule! When I reflect on this, I recognise that not every day is going to be this fun and fruitful, but each day as an intern is still a massive privilege. I am thankful to God for all of you who uphold me in prayer, and have freed me up to be trained for a lifetime of gospel service!


There has been so much I’ve learned about Jesus, ministry, and myself in January alone that I’m tempted to quote John 21:25! Thank you for praying for me that I would grow in becoming a better reflector. In the annual MTS conference we attended this month (called G8) we were challenged to check our character as Jesus’ under-shepherds, and how important it was for us to set the example of godly character in our church. In addition to this, Carmen took the interns through James chapter 3, and together we discussed how dangerous and damaging our words could be to others when we speak carelessly or selfishly. Upon reflecting on these things, I have come to realise how often use my words to gain the approval of others. In particular, I like to say things that I perceive to be humorous, but may not necessarily helpful. I am glad for the godly brothers and sisters who have graciously aided me to see this sin in my life, who will continue to forgive me as I repent of this as I grow in kindness and purity in my speech.


  • for Nathan that he would learn to use his words to build others up, instead of using his speech to seek out his own interests
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