Susan’s Jan 2021 Update

Kid Church Leaders for 2021 – first day in action 


My biggest highlight this month has been centered around the opportunity to dig more deeply into God’s word and allowing God’s word to dictate the what and the how I can be carrying out everyday ministry practices. This has been front and center in my mind as I started serving in Kids Church and thinking through how we can create a fruitful and sustainable workers’ ministry in Parramatta.  

In Kids Church Week 1 – the leaders served each children with patience and taught the children that there is nothing that we can bring to Jesus to be saved. What a great reminder! And what a great relief for each one of us! I am praying that each children, each leader, each parent and you (who is reading this now) is reminded of this truth – that we are saved because of God’s Grace and not by what we can bring to Him.  


When dealing with difficult situations, I often find myself trying to think of all the ways that I could be resolving it and this has become more apparent in the recent weeks as I adjust to my new intern role. While I was reading Philippians with a friend last week, Philippians 4:6 really struck me. It says: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” and this is when I had an “aha”moment.

It seems that I really lack in prayer when dealing with difficult situations and it has unveiled the struggle that I am often too dependent on my own strength and wisdom. So my biggest learning for this month has been when in difficult situations, I need to take a deep breathe and put my hand together in prayer and no in how I can be solving the situation with my own hands. Please pray that I would be asking and relying more and more on God’s wisdom and strength than my own.


  • for Susan that she would be asking and relying more and more on God’s wisdom and strength than her own when faced with difficult situations 
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