Nathan’s April 2021 Update

April has been a busy month!There was a lot to learn from my first Easter as a ministry intern. For the first time we had contemporary songs sung at our Good Friday and Easter Sunday services – whereas in the past we would sing hymns to the organ. This has been a big milestone for our church, and aContinue reading “Nathan’s April 2021 Update”

Nathan’s Jan 2021 Update

Highlight The highlight for me this month is the sheer joy of being able to devote the majority of my week to learning from God’s word and serving God’s people. A day as a ministry intern has looked like reading Colossians with David (my trainer), preparing materials for growth group leaders, going through Mark’s gospel with a new Christian, andContinue reading “Nathan’s Jan 2021 Update”

Victor’s Jan 2021 Update

Highlight In mid-January our Engage leaders had the great privilege of spending a few days away together in Canoelands to plan this year’s youth program! Please thank God for the time we had in getting to know each other and the team’s service in generating so many fruitful ideas to care for the youth. ItContinue reading “Victor’s Jan 2021 Update”