Susan’s Feb 2021 Update


Highlight and Learning

My highlight in the past few weeks has been the opportunity to host a watch party for City Bible Forum (CBF)’s Life@Work Conference 2021 here at St John’s Anglican Cathedral Church.

Despite our short notice, we were very encouraged to see 15 Christian workers gather together to watch the Life@Work Conference 2021 livestream – discovering how to both survive and thrive as a Christian in our daily workplace.

One key takeaway and learning for me is that “it is okay for me to be different and to be the weird one in my secular workplace.” Whether that is issuing an apology to my colleague or helping colleagues out when no one else is willing to help – our weirdness is our strength – it’s okay not to fit in because we serve the ultimate boss – Jesus! This has helped me to be reminded of the difference that our ultimate boss makes in our lives – where we don’t just love those colleagues that are for us, but we are called to love those that are against us (Matthew 5:43-48). 



  • I am super privileged to be using my Design Thinking and Human Centered Design (HCD) skills to serve God, his mission and his people in a recent Design Workshop gathering the ministry staff from City Bible Forum and St John’s Anglican Cathedral Church. Praise God for how smoothly the Design Workshop went, how collaboratively people were and how we were able to come up with many ideas for Parramatta Workers’ Ministry
  • Please Ask God for patience and perseverance as I connect and conduct interviews with Christian workers here in Parramatta and Ask God for wisdom as I consider the next steps for Parramatta Workers’ Ministry

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