Victor’s Feb 2021 Update


One challenge that I’ve faced this month was thinking through evangelism particularly with Friday Hangs. With so many different factors such as the biblical principles underlying this ministry, whether to try run something in church or continue going out with walk up, getting our youth involved or recruiting current kids/youth leaders, worries of ‘What would get youth to come if we ran something in-house?’, ‘What if no-one comes?’ and many more. I have been particularly thankful to God for my trainer Ronaldo who’s helped challenge me on thinking this through and his ongoing support and trust letting me lead this initiative.

I’ve also been thankful to God for helping me think through each part of it and for a super amazing team to be serving alongside. Please pray that we’ll trust that He’ll work as we serve faithfully and provide wisdom on whether running this initiative in-house is effective in reaching the local youth.

Besides this though, God has been really growing my heart for these local youth who have experienced some really tough things. With conversations from struggles at school, to dealings with jail, stabbings, drugs and hardships with family growing up, it has really broken my heart and showed the real need for the gospel to shine through in their lives. He’s particularly reminded me of how Jesus has come not for the healthy but for the sick and outcasts of society (Mark 2:13-17). He has also shown me the power of prayer in how He has continued time and time again to provide recurring chats to youth walked up to.

Victor’s Prayer Points

  • Pray that God would give our team wisdom with the 3 Friday Hangs run in March and that He would bring many youth to come hear His Word
  • Pray that God would continue to help me to serve joyfully even amongst busy seasons knowing that it is a great privilege to be serving Him and His people in this capacity  

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