Susan’s March 2021 Update

Highlight and Learning

I am super thankful to be teaching and serving the children here at St John’s Anglican Cathedral Church.

One of my highlights but also a challenge has been preparing and delivering the Kids Talk. It is a challenging exercise because I feel quite out of depth given it’s not something that I have much experience in – it looks and feels like riding a bike with training wheels on.

Thankfully under the MTS program, I am receiving invaluable training to preach and teach the Bible in a faithful, relevant and engaging way through Cornhill Sydney and weekly MTS interns training at St Johns’.

Leading up to Easter, I read, prepared and delivered a Kids talk on Mark 14:32-50. This passage shows Jesus’s immense sorrow and sadness leading up to the cross but he took on the punishment for us because of his obedience to his Father’s will.

What hit me hard was seeing the deep emotions that Jesus went through – described as “my soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death” in v34 and how he asked the Father to “take this cup of suffering from him” in v36.

This has challenged me to really think about the weight of my sins and how much I deserve God’s wrath and punishment. In the midst of this, I am deeply thankful for Jesus’s gracious act of taking on my punishment and wrath so that I can be made right with God.

It does feel like I am walking the walk first (through preparing the Kids Talk, I am able to be hit by God’s word first and allow it to challenge the way I think, I feel and do) before talking the talk (through delivering the Kids talk). What a humbling experience!



  • Praise God for his saving Grace and give thanks to Jesus’s obedience for taking on the wrath and punishment that I so deserve
  • Please Ask God for his help that I would teach God’s word to the children faithfully and serve the children joyfully as well as asking God for diligence in preparing kids talk and delivering the kids talk that seeks to glorify Christ and not self

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