Susan’s July 2021 Update

Share Jesus Online training sneak peak – with online board and City Bible Forum trainer Caroline Spencer

Reframe and Pivot 

I’ve personally found this lockdown much harder than last year but in God’s kindness, the month of July has brought about opportunities for me to to reframe and pivot.  In particular, I’ve had to reframe my mind about not seeing the lockdown as a problem but reframing it as an opportunity. I’ve had to reframe the way I think about what is the best way of working and serving in ministry. More importantly, I’ve had to reframe and relinquish my need to wanting to always be on top of things in this season of life to surrendering this need to God and trusting in his timing.   

In light of this, God has presented the St John’s team the opportunity to reinvigorate Worker’s Ministry in the city of Parramatta because God’s heart is for us to bear witness and share the gospel to the ends of the earth, and that includes our secular workplaces. I teamed up with my trainer from City Bible Forum, Caroline Spencer to planning and preparing for an online Share Jesus training for our fellow Christian brothers and sisters that work alongside non-believing colleagues. It was a challenging yet joyful and fruitful experience working alongside with Caroline. It was challenging to completely change the workshop that was originally designed for face to face; but in God’s providence, he provided us with the confidence to pivot and the wisdom to wisely come up with content and delivery that would best serve the people that attends. 

This is meant to be reserved for next month MTS update. But I thought I would give you a sneak peak to how the Share Jesus online training went. Caroline and I were super encouraged by seeing 27 Christian Workers join us on the 14th of August online to think about how to bring Jesus up in conversations in the workplace. We learnt to importance of listening well and asking good questions to better understand what drives and motivates our work colleagues. To then using this understanding to speak about how Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment. I will be providing more update on this event next month – look out for our next MTS update.

Prayer Points

  • Please praise God for the 27 Christian workers that attended the Share Jesus training and pray that God would present them with opportunities to listen well, ask good questions and to speak about Jesus in their respective workplaces 
  • Please pray that God would provide wisdom to myself and Caroline as we plan for future online training sessions for our Christian workers 

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