Victor’s July 2021 Update

5pm Youth Engage Leaders Team

A Time of Rest

During the month of July, I took a couple weeks of leave to rest up after a big six months of MTS. Whilst it did feel slightly disappointing that I couldn’t go out much due to lockdown, God was still kind throughout this time!

Please thank God for the time in which I was able to rest! I ended up reading a couple of books on perfectionism in ministry and Christian ethics which provided helpful insights into my own personality (seeing both the helpful and destructive aspects of perfectionism) and a framework in handling different issues. It was also a great joy being able to spend a bit more time with my family, particularly my brothers as we haven’t had good quality time over the year. I’ve been thankful to God for how He’s been growing both of them in their faith! I was also super thankful to be able to use this time to catch up with a few partners on Zoom/call to see how a few of you guys have been going! It was always a great encouragement being able to see how God has been working in each of your lives and I thank Him for how faithful He has been in shaping you lives to become more like Christ! Will be continuing to pray for each of you in this season where things can feel really isolated!

Adjusting in Lockdown 

This month has also been a period of adjusting ministry through lockdown. Unfortunately, Scripture and Friday Hangs aren’t able to run as they usually would 😦 This however that gives me a bit of time to rethink how I use my week for the sake of the gospel. Please pray for wisdom here! A great source of comfort has been knowing that God has still remained in control and that He will work all things according to His good plan. May we all continue to keep trusting Him whether or not we’re in lockdown!

Prayer Points

  • Please pray that God would provide wisdom for training sessions that we’re planning for our youth and that they would be keen to attend them
  • Please pray for guidance on time management and realistic expectations throughout this season of lockdown, trusting that God is still able to work
  • Please pray for our youth team in adjusting to the lockdown period and that youth would be keen on joining online programs!

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