Nathan’s August 2021 Update

Helen and I celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary this month. We took a week off together to go on walks, eat fancy cheese, plan activities for each another, and to reflect on God’s goodness in our marriage. This was my first proper break since starting MTS, and surprisingly, it was actually good for me to mentally switch off from ministry! I am very thankful to Helen for her patience and kindness towards me these past eight months. She is someone who is eager to care for me, and my biggest earthly supporter in ministry. I look forward to what God has planned for us in our journey of following Christ to the cross, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Please pray that I may love and cherish her until Christ returns, or we are parted by death. I know this all sounds very cheesy, but I know that I need to be reminded that serving my wife must come before serving in full time ministry.    

Definitely a mercy that has come out of this lockdown has been the chance to meet with more people one-to-one. I’ve realised that there have been a few advantages to this season; people’s schedules are more flexible in this season, and I have found that some people are more at ease as they meet with me in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. This has surprisingly led to deeper conversations about faith and life when compared to meeting with people in person! Another joy that has come out of this has been the opportunity to spend alot more time reading and reflecting on God’s word. I am very thankful for the sustaining word of God that makes us wise for salvation in Jesus Christ! But naturally there have been challenges to this as well; in this time I have learned to be realistic and flexible about each person’s capacity to stay focused. One thing I would love prayer for is the wisdom on what to do once lockdown ends; who will I continue to meet with? Should I stop doing one-to-ones online? I know that these are the types of questions I should be asking myself now in preparation for the coming months. 

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