Victor’s August 2021 Update

Engage Highlight!

Our youth group Engage finished off a series in 2 Timothy on the importance of guarding the gospel as we receive it, but also needing to be ones who pass it on like a baton! 

After finishing, we’ve moved onto a new training series called ‘Building Blocks’ consisting of topics that build on 2 Timothy and prepare our youth on key fundamentals such as how to read the Bible, how to pray, what is the gospel, evangelism and Christian friendship. We’ve had two seminars so far which I led on how to read the Bible (COMA method). This has been a great learning experience on how to condense so much information into something memorable/digestible for our youth whilst doing it on an online platform.

It’s been an awesome encouragement seeing our youth still join us online and our leaders persevere in this period! please pray that God would keep helping us deliver these training workshops well and that the youth would be well equipped to run the Christian life!

1-1 Ministry

It’s been a great privilege being able to do a few 1-1s over this year with some guys from St Johns. One guy who I meet up weekly with is a 1st year student at USYD named Erick! He’s someone who loves maths, is likely smarter than I am LOL and loves Jesus! We’ve read through Micah and 1 John and I’ve been really encouraged in the way that he’s grown over this year and how he’s spent his time in his first year of uni.

One thing that I’ve been particularly encouraged by is his preparation of doing a short devotional on 2 Cor 3:7-18 for our fortnightly prayer meeting! As a reflection from ANCON, he prepared well for it, spoke faithfully from God’s word encouraging us that God is still transforming us to be more like Christ in this lockdown period. Please pray that God would continue to keep growing him in Christ and mature him in faith!

Prayer Points

  • Thank God for opportunities to keep serving whether it be with our youth ministry, 1-1s and personal evangelism
  • Please pray for Pas that God would soften his heart and turn him to Christ
  • Please pray that God would keep growing me in godly character throughout this period of lockdown
  • Please pray that God would provide wisdom as I prepare a few mission talks for the end of the year (Currarong Mission (such a great privilege!)

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