Nathan’s November-December Update 2022

Prayer Points:

  • Please give thanks for the ministry of Playtime, and how the gospel is shared with mums and their children.
  • Please pray for the Playtime team as they decide on direction for 2023. 
  • Please pray for the ministries of growth groups, music, and men’s, 2023 as they continue without Nathan’s direct involvement. Please ask that God may flourish the people who serve, and are served by these ministries. 
  • Please give thanks for Nathan’s two years training under David Ould. Please pray that Nathan may smoothly transition with having Jasion Jacob as his new trainer. 
  • Please be praying for Nathan and Helen that they make a transition to Engage (Sunday Youth Ministry) and join the 5pm congregation. 


One of the best things about doing MTS at St John’s is the scope to gospel and minister to people who may be very different to us. As I reflected on these past two years, I recognised that I did not have much experience in relating to young mothers and their children. So in term 4, I started to help out with one of our local outreach program called playtime.  Playtime ran on a Friday morning, with the goal of creating a welcoming community space for parents and children aged 0-3 and finding ways to share the gospel during the program and through intentional conversations.

It was a good challenge for me, preparing songs, activities, and a story time each week that engaged both parent and child. I particularly enjoyed developing a deeper friendship with one of the mums as we shared about each other’s lives, interests and family stories. While there were a few moments where I was able to share about the hope I found in Christ, it was definitely tricky to balance intentionality with not making her feel too uncomfortable. Furthermore it was important for me not to damage the relationships between ‘churched’ mums and their ‘unchurched’ friends whom they brought along. Please give God thanks for this wonderful learning opportunity, and please do praying for the Playtime team as wisely decide what to do in 2023.

Photo from our final playtime for the year with some our regulars: (from left to right): Carmen, Gabby & Von. 

Wrapping things up

November and December were months of wrapping things up as I transition to Engage (Sunday Youth Ministry) and join the 5pm congregation. I don’t have much to say, except that God has been full of mercy and grace. He has been kind to me, and kind to those I serve, and I look forward to seeing how God will continually work for the good of those whom he loves; called according to his purpose. Enjoy the slideshow!

Our 2022 growth group leaders who attended our thanksgiving afternoon tea

My 8am congregation growth group who attended Peter & Tracy’s wedding. 

Sunday weddings are the best!

End of year lunch with our AM music ministry team

One last photo with my trainer David. I’m so incredibly thankful for his wisdom, his ministry philosophy, and respect for God’s Word.

Sermon: 1 Samuel 16

I got to give my second sermon at church. I really love preaching on narrative as I always love a good story (and the bible tells the BEST stories). I found finding the application of the passage particularly challenging and rewarding. If you’re interested in listening along you can find it in the link below:

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