Nate & Helen’s April Update 2023

Here’s some stuff we got up to this month 🙂

April was characterised by three big things for the Xings:

  • Celebrating Easter
  • Going to Dubbo for some leave
  • Preparing workshops for 5pm Weekend Away

The workshops we prepared were:

  • Gender and Sexuality (Nate & Helen)
  • Created to Work for God (Nick & Helen)
  • Friendship between Guys and Girls (Nate, Carmen & Preeti)

Helen’s Reflection

It was pretty crazy preparing two workshops in under 1 month! But I’m also so thankful for the experience which stretched me in thinking and collaboration.

What did I learn from the Bible? I think one big thing that struck me was what Jesus says in John 6. “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.” What is God’s new work? That people would believe in Jesus. And this is something that I kept seeing echoed in the Epistles. God has created us for good works, for the work of ministry and this work of the Lord is not in vain. What a joy that our labour in the Lord is not the vain toil of the Teacher in Ecclesiastes!

What did I learn about men & women working together? I got to work with Nick and Nate separately on these workshops. I found that it took a tonne of communication to prepare a workshop together, probably much more than if I were to do it myself. Not only that, but my sinfulness impacts on how we work together. God revealed to me my sinful heart – my desire to take control, do things my way, and just get the task done without regard, love and care for the other person. I’m thankful for my trainer Carmen who has worked with many different brothers in ministry and was able to share her experience! She encouraged me to keep praying for my brothers in Christ and caring for them. I think I’ve grown in my conviction about ministry, that men and women are better together, even though it is hard work. It was as we prepared together that we challenged and stretched each other in our thinking.

The work is finished! Praise God for Easter where Jesus hangs on the cross crying “It is finished.” Jesus has finished the work of reconciling sinful humans to God – and He is the only one who can do it!

Nate’s Reflection

While the first half of term 1 meant a lot of teaching and preaching for me, April wrapped up with many different opportunities to train and coach others. One of our youth leaders named Tim gave the last talk in our series in Matthew, and we met up fortnightly in preparation for it. I’ve found that one of the best things about training others to handle God’s Word, is how much they delight in the Scriptures themselves. It was so great to see how Tim was impacted by the gospel first, as he prepared to teach others. Furthermore, this has made me all the more thankful for all the training I’ve recieved in my first two years of MTS. There have been so many ways I’ve been equipped for a lifetime of serving Jesus that can be easily passed on so that ministry may multiply – and that is no small thing.

The other person I got to train was one of my year 12 leaders named Daniel to lead prayers. As the months go on, I’ve become more and more convinced that teens are able to handle responsibility, and training can start from a younger age. It was great to see Daniel understand what prayer is, and be evangelistically-minded in his prayers during our Easter service.

I think the natural temptation for me is simply do things myself because I’m better at it, but it has been good learning to minister through people, and not just minister to people. Please be praying that I’m always intentional with training up others as I go about this final year of interning.

Praise God:

  • For over 70 people attending the 5pm weekend away and being fed by God’s word on “Our Humanity in Christ.”
  • For Daniel and Tim who have been equipped through Nate to better serve God’s people.


  • For Helen that she will keep working together with her brothers in Christ in a manner that is loving, supportive and encouraging.
  • For Helen that she will prioritise people over tasks
  • That Nate may not grow weary in training and equipping others, so that the church may mature into Christ the head.

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