Preeti’s April Update 2023


April has been a huge month of ministry. Some highlights were celebrating Easter, running CityFest, and going to 5pm Weekend Away. Because I feel like the other apprentices will do Easter, and I wrote a Cathedral News article on CityFest, today I’ll tell you about Weekend Away!

On the 21st to the 23rd of April, we got to spend the weekend diving in to God’s word and thinking through what it says about our humanity in Christ. We learned about how we are dignified because God has made us in his image, that life is hard because of humanity’s sin, and that Jesus is the perfect human, promising those who trust in him a perfect future! 

As much as all of this was so good to be reminded of, I particularly enjoyed being able to be a part of the 5pm community. While it has been hard to catch everyone after church, Weekend Away gave me an opportunity to get to know people better, on a deeper level. Even though I completely crashed as soon as I got home (I blame the promise of nuggets if I stayed up until 1), it was so much fun winning board games, teasing each other, and (occasionally) chatting about what the bible says about humanity!! I’m really looking forward to the next two years, even more than I was before, as I continue to become more a part of the 5pm family. 

Learning – Finding Rest in Business

One of the first things we covered in our MTS training, way back in February, we chatted about why it is important to rest – to take your days off, to take leave, to sleep, to do things that replenish your energy. At the time this felt a little obvious, but it wasn’t until life got more and more hectic, that I realised how true this is. 

Ministry is about the marathon not the sprint. And to serve well, you need to look after yourself. So when ministry gets hectic, when there are a million things happening all at once, I am reminded of God’s command in Exodus: to rest because God rested. I also anticipate the great rest that God promises us in Jesus!

Praise Points:

  • Give thanks for Jaison and the team that organised Weekend Away
  • Give thanks for Weekend Away, that it was fruitful in building relationships with people
  • Give thanks that our God dignifies rest

Pray for:

  • Pray that the relationships built at Weekend Away would continue to grow
  • Pray that I would continue to find rest in God

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