Victor’s April 2021 Update

Highlight Praise God for some great gospel conversations with high school friends (Teij, Gordon, Abraham, Enoch). It was a great time being able to catch up with them over the school break and they were interested in what I was up to during the week. I also have the privilege of reading Mark with a visitorContinue reading “Victor’s April 2021 Update”

Nathan’s April 2021 Update

April has been a busy month!There was a lot to learn from my first Easter as a ministry intern. For the first time we had contemporary songs sung at our Good Friday and Easter Sunday services – whereas in the past we would sing hymns to the organ. This has been a big milestone for our church, and aContinue reading “Nathan’s April 2021 Update”

Nathan’s March 2021 Update

​​ A photo of our 8am congregation growth group celebrating Tracy’s birthday (third from the left).Tracy became a Christian last year, and has been a great encouragement to our whole group.  Highlight This year at St John’s, we have seen a record number of people sign up for growth groups in the English congregations. ParticularlyContinue reading “Nathan’s March 2021 Update”

Susan’s March 2021 Update

Highlight and Learning I am super thankful to be teaching and serving the children here at St John’s Anglican Cathedral Church. One of my highlights but also a challenge has been preparing and delivering the Kids Talk. It is a challenging exercise because I feel quite out of depth given it’s not something that IContinue reading “Susan’s March 2021 Update”

Victor’s March 2021 Update

Highlight Praise God for a really great three weeks of Friday Hangs! I was firstly thankful to God for such a faithful team that helped serve and get to know the youth. He was really kind and surprised me in bringing 25 different youth contacts across the three weeks, a majority coming from our localContinue reading “Victor’s March 2021 Update”

Victor’s Feb 2021 Update

Highlight/Learning  One challenge that I’ve faced this month was thinking through evangelism particularly with Friday Hangs. With so many different factors such as the biblical principles underlying this ministry, whether to try run something in church or continue going out with walk up, getting our youth involved or recruiting current kids/youth leaders, worries of ‘WhatContinue reading “Victor’s Feb 2021 Update”

Susan’s Feb 2021 Update

​​​​ Highlight and Learning My highlight in the past few weeks has been the opportunity to host a watch party for City Bible Forum (CBF)’s Life@Work Conference 2021 here at St John’s Anglican Cathedral Church. Despite our short notice, we were very encouraged to see 15 Christian workers gather together to watch the Life@Work Conference 2021 livestream – discoveringContinue reading “Susan’s Feb 2021 Update”

Nathan’s Feb 2021 Update

​​ Highlight Justin (pictured) started coming to St John’s at the end of January, after being invited to church by his family-friend Shirley. While he had attended church as a child, he grew up ignoring Jesus, and focused on living for himself. COVID-19 had been a huge wake-up call for Justin, as he realised thatContinue reading “Nathan’s Feb 2021 Update”